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Teacher Materials
*Teacher Tool Kit
*Teacher Edition
  • Lessons- Lessons embedded into the district’s adopted algebra textbook.
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  • Quizzes -Multiple-Choice Quizzes for each lesson are available in the Teacher Edition.Each quiz can be used as homework or preparation for state testing.
  • Review Activities - Review activities are designed to engage students in the review of prerequisite skills and to extend concepts included in the lessons.
  • Foldables
*Album Set
  • DVD Demonstration Videos
  • Digital Version of Teacher and Student Book
*Transparency Set
Classroom Manipulative Kit
Manipulative Kit for Teachers
  • Wallsize Four Quadrant Grid -1 per Kit
  • Overhead Two-Color Counters -100 per Kit
  • Two-color Counters - 600 per Kit
  • Overhead Algebra Tiles (Teacher)
  • Paper Algebra Tiles (Student)
  • Grid Index Cards- 200 Per Kit
  • 3oz. Plastic Cups-100 per Kit
  • Tape Measures-18
  • Colored Paper
  • Protractors- 18
  • Pairs of Number Cubes-18
  • SOLVE Posters
  • Plastic Container


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